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Volunteers help dogs in Guatemala

Groom for Good - The Story So Far

In February 2018 our Founder Marni Hills traveled by herself to volunteer her grooming skills at Animal Aware Guatemala-- one of the largest dog shelters in Central America with over 350 dogs and 90 cats.  

She found that there was a desperate need for many of these dogs to receive some emergency grooming-- shaving down matted coats/flea baths/treatments for chronic skin conditions/and nail trims.

When she returned she wrote about the experience in  Groomer to Groomer Magazine (that you can read here) and received a great deal of interest from the grooming community all over North America-- many professional groomers wanted to help in the same way.  

Marni recruited volunteers and traveled with ten professional groomers --completing our first official Groom for Good trip-- returning to Animal Aware in early 2019.  We helped over 100 dogs that were in desperate need of our services.  

We are now raising funds for our next volunteer trip-- possibly to Territorio de Zaguates in the remote mountains of Costa Rica.  There are upwards of 1200 dogs living there!

Shelter Dog Herbert is available for adoption at Animal Aware Guatemala!

Can you help us help more animals?

We currently have over 50 volunteer groomers available to travel to other shelters around the world to help dogs as only we can.    

Your donation will allow us to travel to domestic and international shelters to help dogs live a higher quality life while awaiting adoption.

When a dog looks and feels his best he is more likely to be adopted!

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